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Case Study

Faria Lima 4440

FII VBI FL 4440, a public traded REIT listed on the Bovespa stock exchange, owns 50% of Faria Lima 4440. VBI Real Estate acts as a real consultant for the REIT, with responsibility for oversight of leasing and property management

Faria Lima 4440 is a 22,111 m², Triple-A LEEDs certified office building located in the heart of São Paulo’s financial district, designed and developed by VBI Real Estate.


Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4.440 – São Paulo, SP


Location: Av. Faria Lima, 4440

Number of floors: 15

Vintage: 2011

Architects: Collaço & Monteiro, Benedito Abbud, Arthur Casas

Building size: 22,111 m²

Floor sizes: Ranging from 1,100 to 2,200 m²

Typical Ceiling Height: 2.8 m²

Elevators: 10 Lifts with ADC System and speed up to 4.0m/s

HVAC: Indirect expansion through 3 water coolers (chillers) with water cooled condensers. Each floor is served by a conditioner, fan & coil kind. Conditioners will be prepared to operate with variable flow and constant temperature of air supply, serving several VAV’s devices (Variable Air Volume), to be installed by the tenants according to their requirements. Additionally, we have an independent system prepared to operate 24 hours, to serve the Data Center of each floor.

Floor load: Floor load bearing 500kg/m2

Security: 24 hour security staff and CFTV System

Sustainability: LEED Gold Certified